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Xinyi is a leading 5G IoT SoC pro答錯vider with R&D ce朋水nters in Shanghai, Nanjing, Chen輛那gdu and Singapore, sales off吃做ice in Xi'an, Chongqing and Shenz女在hen, and a supply chain center in H雪外ong Kong. Xinyi has 我暗a complete and international top-leve海公l chip R&D capability. T去畫he founders and core team come fr光家om the world's lea吧城ding communication chip companies such民朋 as Broadcom, Qualcomm科美, Intel and Maxlinear, and graduat金廠ed from UCLA, TAMU, UT Dall拿些as, UMN, Peking Univers工謝ity, Tsinghua, Zhejian著外g University, Southeast and ot有短her well-known universities at home a服訊nd abroad. The company間鐘 has taken the lead in obtaining錯高 several R&D projects from natio說唱nal ministries and lo暗唱cal governments, and also receiv金綠ed hundreds of millions of RMB inv他藍estment from well-kn南問own investment institutions and玩舊 strategic investors.

Xinyi independently developed 畫日ultra-high integration, 5G NB-I地又oT system single chi化聽p XY1100 has been the first to be launc唱木hed and commercialized黑訊 on a large scale, with the ind新我ustry‘s mainstream mo歌務dule manufacturer customers su日紅ch as CMIoT, GOSUNCN, Quectel, SIMC服舞OM, LongSung, Tuya, Neoway, Unionman,算答 Ailinkiot, Tianyu, Cheerzing, 如商MEIG, Fibocom and int生月o the terminal partners such河長 as GoldCard, ENN, Qianjia, Wenxin for 報務gas meters, NWN, iESLab, S街來UNTRONT, Seck for water 些電meters and Hikvision, Dahua for smart窗章 smoke sensor. XY1100 also信動 applied to smart home, a制她sset tracking, bicycle sharing an服雜d other IoT application scenarios. In雪森 the future, the company co頻媽ntinues to be open and資時 proactive to keep de厭朋veloping globally compe議分titive IoT terminal 訊海SoC.

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